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Why is matchmaking Garbage?

War Thunder offers both arcade and realistic simulation style gameplay to accommodate a wide variety of playstyles. War Thunder is a history buff’s dream come true. Offering both aerial and vehicular gameplay in one package, the game boasts hundreds of historically accurate vehicles culled from all the major nations involved in the second world war.

90% of all game chat is cancerous wether it be war thunder or wargaming Lies daily, feeds people bullshit(but if u believe it- ur dumb too).

Czech coast guard. A Livestream of Light Tanks and Clan Wars 50 Comments: McChickenBites August 5, at pm Every comment that is marked as spam will be manually placed into the comment section by me so that everyone can have their say. The game is too glitchy because of the trash engine 2. Not balanced at all 3. The maps are poorly designed 4. The community is pretty bad 6. Forum is biased 7. Devs never listen to the players The Devs probably dont even play their own game Physics in the game are laughfable Pay2Win This game is just sad, the sound design is rly bad Ultra low quality is a problem that devs refuse to solve Controls options are garbage.

Vonderhaar says connection is priority in matchmaking in Black Ops 3

By Tanatoy , July 3, in Development Blog. Posted by Crysantos , July 5, While many of you did support t he idea of promoting more balance and fair play, most of you were not willing to support this if it means making changes to purchased premium ships. Many of you let us know that the perfect balance in each ship group is not as critical for you as we assumed; however, the confidence that the stats of purchased premium ships are not to be nerfed is much more important.

The game is ahistorical, with biplanes fighting Russian fighters from , for example. Damage is unrealistic. Matchmaking is horrible, and.

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. War Thunder Store Page. Global Achievements. I’m not asking for gaijin to change the MM spread.

War Thunder

Stilwell went on brood war doesn’t support and. Just stupid. Are stronger so increases their weight. Men looking for pc free dating sites welland metacritic. Automated matchmaking and the search for life?

Prime matchmaking jak zrobic – Join the leader in online dating services and find a date today. cost of the prime matchmaking mayhem when a way to enable in this was stupid. Ale war thunder oparty jest o klasyfikację bitewną battle rank.

Jump to content. The only way to do it is to have the SAME abilities and disabilities in both teams. Wargaming keeps denying that they can’t do. Problem 4 : are the tanks fully upgraded? The Strongest or the wimpy? But of course, Wargaming is so weak that they don’t want a specific team to win because then the other team will be upset if they lose. Lets say that you start a game 1 with a tier 10 tank Then you start another game 2 in the same tier 10 tank Find me on Discord, [SpartacusDiablo ].

Parent reviews for World of Tanks

Gaijin Entertainment, the Russian game developer and publisher behind titles like Star Conflict, War Thunder, Crossout and Enlisted, was among the studios who recently voiced their discontent with Sony’s decision to restrict approval into their console cross-play beta program. He reckons most if not all of the developers are ready to flip the proverbial ‘switch’ to enable full cross-play once Sony provides the green light.

Yudintsev also pointed out that matchmaking is only one step, though, and other features such as cross-platform voice chat and cross-account will have to be supported as well. Back in PlayStation 4 was the first console to support cross-platform gaming, and that allowed PS4 to have online games as launch titles. By the time of PS4 launch War Thunder already had huge PC player base and console players seamlessly joined the existing community.

g. war thunder stupid matchmaking For which lies between and participate in the corresponding ranks teams and there used instead of planes and sparring.

This happens in both Army and Aviation, but I posted this in Ground Battles forum since it is a lot more exaggerated in this mode. Think about it. Higher tier tanks has thicker armour and more powerful guns. This leads to lower kills, thus, lower points, which then leads to slower research. This tips the scale for the other guys since they will get more kills.

II and M2s. Turns out, I would make me fight M4s and KV-1s. They intentionally made the leap and avoided M4A1s. And so, I have a petition, change the matchmaking system to something more balanced than what we already have. MM relies on BR.

matchmaking ….. a stupid joke

By Starym , January 28 in News. It’s been quite a wait, but it’s finally time to head back to Azeroth’s past, before the World part of Warcraft existed and the view was a bit different! Reforged is releasing today and we’ve gathered up all related content here, including the most important piece of info: just when exactly is the game releasing in your time zone! The drums of war thunder once again.

War Thunder is a WWII themed shooter where players take part in battles in the air and on the ground. War Thunder has arcade and simulation modes to explore​. Completely stupid game,russian bias and matchmaking is ridicoulus. Tried my​.

Skip to Content. Parents’ Ultimate Guide to Support our work! Parent reviews for World of Tanks. Common Sense says Tank game promotes teamwork, competition, in-game extras. Based on our expert review.

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By ArcTic , October 3, in Matchmaker. If this does not get a number, this is the last bug report i am making. I am dead serious. Too many get shut down, ” We are too lazy to fix it! I was the only good player on my team and my enemies had 2 good players and a good support player.

Warthunder has a nice feature where a player must own 6 planes of a tier thrown into a situation of “no chance” and this is absolutely stupid.

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Whats REALLY Wrong with War Thunder

By jodgi , August 29, in Metagame Discussion. War thunder as well. As far as my memory serves me claims like these have either been refuted or ignored as crazy talk. These are very few superhuman people especially in some certain tanks. Maybe it’s true but there are limitation on how rigged it can get. Can’t keep putting one of these guys with 14 reds all the time.

Rick hadn’t seen Beauty or Kurt since the outbreak of the war, and Nina had never the two mothers, bidding them start matchmaking, and in their minds they had done so; “When shall we three meet again In thunder, lightning, or in rain? There he would sit alone, and his rage against human stupidity would fan itself​.

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Wargaming CAN’T control the matchmaking – it’s not that they Don’t Want to..

By bertox , March 8 in General discussions. That doesn’t sound right. We all get an all red history or all yellow history from time to time.

fighting in the Pacific during World War II. Days of thunder. by Michael Hartmann Dumb witness. by Agatha manner and ingenious matchmaking and.

It all started with the former Russian community manager Dietolog specifically for World of Warplanes , who blew the case wide open on his blog. Dietolog is no longer an employee of Wargaming and seeing some events concerning War Thunder lately, he decided to come forward and talk. It could also be his thirst of vengeance against Wargaming, who knows? Let me get back a bit. Remember when the conditions for being a community manager were leaked?

The basic udea is that Wargaming-paid hate trolls were supposed to systematically attack Gaijin sites, forums, social network pages and fan pages and spread anti-War Thunder propaganda. Dietolog states that he did not participate in the subversive operation and only a month later, he left or was fired. The entire campaign represents a reaction of Wargaming to the total failure of World of Warplanes and an attempt to damage the competition by other means than by creating a quality game. Anyway, back to the campaign.