Destiny: Moon’s Haunted

Although we’ve dealt with chest locations as we encountered them earlier in the guide, we thought it would be nice to list them all on a single page for easy consumption. This is that page. We will also list the things you can obtain from the Raid, because we’re nice. Chest 1 – After opening the Vault. The first chest in the Vault of Glass is incredibly easy to find. Once you open the door to the Raid, head down through the tunnels until you reach, well, the chest.

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Absolutely, but just be prepared to hit a hard wall. The new matchmaking feature in Destiny 2 is called Guided Games. Keep in mind those runs are rather long, I think the VoG and Crota run was just under 2 hours.

The Fireteam Chat crew discusses why. Oh my god I agree so much with IGN on this. I’ve been asking for RAID matchmaking for so long. The lack of matchmaking is ruining the game. Thank you IGN for bringing this up, the community has been asking for so long but it’s nice to see a major site picking up on it. I don’t think it does need matchmaking, at least for trails and raids.

Destiny: House of Wolves

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Activision loves destiny’s April update and is promising more consistent content. Glad they’re acknowledging this need. The only thing is that lots of people already have a team that they do raids with,so to add matchmaking to them would kidda make it worse cause you would have all these people that have no idea what there doing. So if you used it you would be in a lobby of people, hoping that they will get carryed buy others of a higher light which is not fun. I too agree with the raid matchmaking That’s why you would have to make it like any MMO and give the player the ability to choose match making or not.

Bungie and Activision create this fps MMO and yet they refuse to let the player choose who they play, they have to control every aspect of the play. I would like to be able to attempt to solo strikes. I think their so be an option when you start a strike whether you want to solo or match make, just like their should be with the raids. Personally though I think they need to invest some time and money into their servers.

Can I enjoy Destiny without a group of friends?

July I just started getting back into the game, no DLC yet – waiting for the package with everything. I did go from level 21 when I put the game down before to 27 at the moment. Despite not being to do the Weekly Heroic Strikes to get strange coins, I’m 1 coin away from being able to afford some 13 coin item from Xur next weekend.

Activision loves destiny’s April update and is I too agree with the raid matchmaking it’s hard enough to get ppl I want a Cabal raid and bring VOG forward because that is without a doubt the most interesting and fun raid.

As a long-time now former World of Warcraft player, and a fairly new Destiny guardian, I find it puzzling that Bungie has yet to include an in-game matchmaking feature for their 6-man raids. For a little bit of background, I raided in World of Warcraft for the better part of 9 years proud Demonology Warlock and Moonkin! As my free time dwindled, and my work schedule became erratic, I found it difficult to find a steady raid team.

Anyone with limited free time—or even a lack of friends playing the game—that wants to experience end-game content can do so using an in-game tool. In exchange, the loot dropped has its stats scaled down—so the players in guilds running the real raids have a reason to continue doing so. Less risk, less reward, and vice-versa. Bosses have less health, deal less damage, and sometimes lose an ability or two that tend to cause problems for real raid teams.

Destiny’s Lack of Matchmaking Persists Leading Into Year 2

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Goth, did destiny have matchmaking for VoG? Why is this now the You’re reaching so hard you might dislocate something. 1 reply 0 retweets.

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Destiny Could Learn a Thing or Two from World of Warcraft’s LFR System

Yet lone wolf players still find it a struggle to access much of the high level content, simply because very little of it can be played alone, and the game purposely limits matchmaking options. Bungie seems firm on this point, and with only a few weeks until the launch of The Taken King , there has been no announcement to the contrary. Of all the Destiny debates to persist through Year 1, none is as polarizing as issues of matchmaking.

Both sides make strong arguments of support either way. Opposition is usually framed by the fact that some content, notably Temple of Osiris and raids , would be brutally difficult to play in squads with no communication.

I don’t suppose there is random matchmaking for raids yet, is there? Speaking of, we have one more slot open for the Hard VoG happening in.

Home Help Search Login Register. Still no MM? Yeah so.. Gamertag: Pl3zd0ntsh00tm3. Follow Twitter for live stream alerts. Yeah, Bungie keeps saying they addressed the grind, but everything I’ve seen so far says the grind is worse than it was in vanilla Destiny. The thing I don’t get about the argument against matchmaking is those same people will tell you to find a group on LFG.

Destiny Needs Matchmaking For Vault of Glass