Look at Your Partner Through Rose-Colored Glasses (Seriously)

Im thinking about getting glasses instead of keeping my contacts.. I wear glasses! Besides, I don’t really care if a guy wore glasses or not; what I really look for is a great personality or someone who shares the same interests as me. Neat question, though. Sure- absolutely I would! For those who are ‘too good’ to date someone with glasses, must be pretty vain Some people HAVE to wear glasses in order to see, after all. Some ppl buy frames just to look like they have to wear them You’d look fine with glasses- You can always keep your contacts, also.

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Dear Woman,. When I talk to a woman I like, she sometimes removes her glasses while we are talking. I am trying to figure out if it means anything. Is she making it easier for me to gaze deeply into her eyes haha , or is she annoyed with the conversation? I understand that it could just be nothing, but I am getting nothing searching for it on the web.

Thank you.

The common idea of a person wearing glasses is that he is intelligent and sophisticated, and who would turn down a guy like that? He reads a.

Specy is the new sexy! Yes you read it right! Women love guys with glasses. If you are a man who is apprehensive about wearing eyeglasses because you assumed the fairer sex may not like you! Think again Go ahead and try on your favourite pair, wearing eyeglasses will only add to your attractiveness quotient.

8 Reasons Why Women Get Attracted to Men with Glasses

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Wow, it seems that you are going to date someone you like. love to date with the girl with glasses, because I think girls with glasses are very cute, just like me.

It was in college when I got glasses and I hated to wear them until it was noticed that the girls were more comfortable with me than ever before. It made me wonder if the girls liked the men with glasses? So I did a little research to come up with some interesting findings. So, Do girls like men with glasses? The answer is Yes! According to the survey I conducted recently, 8 out of 10 girls liked the men with glasses. Girls found men with the glasses to be more trustworthy and comfortable to be with.

If men use the right kind of glasses, it enhances their facial profile. Most men believe they now look better as the eyewear helps to offset their uneven chin, oddly shaped nose and unattractive eyebrows. This makes the face look more charming. No wonder the girls are more attracted to the men with glasses! Men with glasses appear more intelligent and smarter than the average person.

There’s now a dating app for people who wear glasses

He might appear too serious, nerdy or geeky, but there are more to men who wear glasses! Below are some reasons why ladies like you should not hesitate to date a man who has more eyes to adore you. He looks like your celebrity crush. Did someone mention Clark Kent?

So you wear glasses? Plenty of guys are into this look. But what is it about girls with glasses that boys like so much?

If so, metal frames help you show off your practical side. And if you are more of a hippie type of chic, oversized and colorful optical frames will set the tone for you. They only wore their glasses at night, or when they were forced to because there was an issue with their contacts. These people would hide from the general public as how as possible until they had their contacts back. Today, wearing glasses is a sign of self-confidence.

Are you still hiding the fact that you wear glasses, and are torturing yourself with contacts, whether they are comfortable and not? Try breaking out of the mold and setting a new precedence with your glasses, and see how the opposite cartoon responds. By Jennifer Collins. If you have not embraced the idea of wearing your glasses in public not to mention on a date consider these five reasons to give it a try: They’re the ultimate accessory.

Ask A Woman AVL: Is she flirting with me when she takes off her glasses?

What were you hoping for? Either a nice time or a complete disaster, so I had an anecdote. First impressions? Super pretty.

Now folks who are only interested in someone who wears glasses are in luck! Move over , there’s a new niche dating.

Growing up, I was hard-pressed to see girls with glasses in books or on TV or in movies. But women and girls who wear glasses are just as pretty with their glasses as they are without; glasses are just an accessory that helps us see. The girl who always played the quirky best friend? Or did I want to be the sexy, pretty one? Recently I had a good friend who was forced to give up contacts for medical reasons. Having become accustomed to her contacts, she had no idea how to adapt her style to glasses.

I LOVE dresses and very feminine clothing. The only changes are the addition or removal of my glasses. When I suggested to the photographer who did my headshots that we take some with my glasses, she vetoed the idea. It felt like I had to choose who I wanted to be at that moment. I wore my contacts for a couple of months and hoped that I could grow to love them. I liked the freedom they afforded me I had an affinity for cheap large sunglasses , but I went back to my glasses.

As soon as I put them on it was like coming home.

8 Cute Things that Shy Girls with Glasses Do

You’ve heard it before if you wear glasses. You may have heard some less flattering variations on the theme, too, especially in school. Kids can be cruel. But is there any truth to it? Let’s start with the most common assumption: glasses make you look smarter. There’s been a decent amount of research done over the years, and the studies overwhelmingly come in positive on that one.

3D Movies are not much fun- They have to put their 3D specs on top of their normal glasses, which is a bit of an arse. No back seat smooches for.

Seriously, I like to wear my eyeglasses a lot to kind of hide my face — keep a low. I have accumulated a wonderful collection of glasses frames at this point,. This is an issue I have as well. I only wear glasses to work but never to go out or on weekends. I feel like two different people, like Clark Kent and Superman. And if I bump into someone with my glasses I feel weird.

I need to get over that stat, aka, I’m buying trendy glasses! Honestly I feel the same way like two different people!

11 Things you’ll recognise if you’re dating someone with glasses

Well, if I was not asking this question I would obviously have the answer, and hence, would probably not need to write a post about this. My concern? Believe it or not, I wear glasses. I know it happens in television shows and movies, but I am not talking about those occurrences — I am making reference to reality.

The predicted Apple Augmented Reality glasses are suddenly taking shape as two reports For someone to do so is slightly shocking.

The Eyeglass Rule and Contact Lens Rule , both enforced by the FTC, give you the right to get a copy of your prescription from your eye care prescriber — whether you ask for it or not — at no extra charge. That lets you shop around for the best deal. After you get an eye exam for glasses or a fitting for contact lenses, your eye care prescriber has to give you a copy of your prescription — whether you ask for it or not.

For contact lens prescriptions, your prescriber should ask you to sign a confirmation that she gave you a copy of the prescription. You have a choice about where to buy your glasses or contacts. Having a copy of your prescription means it should be easy to shop where and how you want to shop. The prescriber has to give you your prescription for glasses at the end of your eye exam without you even asking.

The prescriber has to give you your contact lens prescription after your fitting. A fitting may require more than one appointment and may involve you trying lenses out for a few days before the fitting is finalized. The prescriber can give you your contact lens prescription electronically instead of a paper copy, but only if you agree, in writing or electronically, to get it that way, and agree to the specific method of delivery e. If you get your prescription electronically, it must be accessible, downloadable, and printable.

If you do, your prescriber has 40 business hours to respond and provide it.

Introducing the First Dating Site Made Specifically for People Who Wear Glasses

Dear Trinity, My best friend keeps pushing me to get rid of my glasses and get contacts. He says it will help my dating life and my sex life. Dear Eye Contact s , If truth be told, glasses hide your face, block your eyes and get in the way of kissing. In other words, honey, single folks with glasses must also own contacts. The eyes are the key to the soul as well as to better dating. Love, Trinity.

If you want to get rid of certain people, you glasses dating the option of hiding them for a If someone seems standoffish, it glasses people from reaching out.

Years ago, I noticed an old friend wearing glasses for the first time. They were on her face for fashion, nothing but. As a glasses wearer of over two decades, this did not sit right with me. And I told her so, in dramatic and particularly expletive terms. But, maybe I was wrong. When you see a wearer of glasses walk into a room, superficial judgments begin formulating. Are they fashionable? Are they conservative or flamboyant? Are they clean, or do they let grease smudge their lenses?