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But make no mistake — Lovina is not the new Tinder. Unlike most apps, Lovina will make profits through the premium features users can pay for rather than from displaying advertisements and making people pay just to get rid of them. Moreover, unlike most dating services in general, this one actually relies on videos. Singles looking for a new mate can either browse through profiles of nearby people on a random basis, much like Tinder, or use a special questionnaire to narrow down their search. Once they find a potential partner, they will have the option to chat with them through in-app instant messages. And this is where it gets tricky.

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Russian social network Vkontakte, owned by internet group Mail. Ru, has launched a dating app to rival popular similar services such as Tinder, Vkontakte said on Thursday. It said the main feature of the service, called Lovina, would be video chats.

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What we do know is that VKontakte or VK for short is a social media networking site. Like most social media networks you can add friends, gain followers, and post photos of your food and your cat. VK, like Facebook also gives companies the ability to create their own pages for marketing purposes. It boasts over 70 million active daily users and 3 billion daily page views. It should be no surprise, VK is a Russian company.

VKontakte: number of monthly active mobile users 2016-2019

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube dominate the social media world in most countries, but Russia and some surrounding areas such as Kazakhstan and Ukraine often prefer regional replacements for these platforms. This difference in social media use is of huge importance for brands who utilize social media sites for advertising, as it can affect their marketing strategies. That aside, it’s also interesting to see how online communication can differ in different parts of the world.

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We believe chemistry happens offline. That’s why we made it easier to set a date with the people you like. With your permission, Wiggle gathers information from your social media profiles and analyses your interests across music, books, sports and more. All you have to do, is check your matches and swipe to like or pass. When a mutual like happens, we’ll arrange your first date. Meeting point suggestions are based on your interests, so you can feel completely relaxed on your date.

View profiles the app suggests and either “like” or “pass” on them. Other users will never know you liked them unless they like you back.

What is VK? Your guide to Russia’s largest social network

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VKontakte, Russia’s largest social network run by Group Ltd, is starting its own dating app Lovina centered around quick-fire videochats.

This paper focuses on the differences and similarities of relationship status lexical realization in two social networks Facebook Fb, American and Vkontakte Vk, Russian. This cross-cultural work reveals the variety of lexical forms available to tag a relationship status in four languages American English, German, French, and Russian conditioned by cultural and social oriented values. It also discusses translation problems and mistakes caused by different cultural realities.

The analyzed translation cases are divided into literal translation, borrowing, transposition, modulation, and adaptation. The authors compare the translations in the two social networks and suggest more adequate and culturally adapted options. The results of the analysis show that Fb translations are more adequate and culturally adapted with only one inaccuracy than Vk translations with seven inaccuracies.

The findings can be used as recommendations for the social network translators and further linguistic research in cross-cultural issues involving language, culture and society. This section views social networks, in general, as a distributed, co-constructed process influenced by self and others where language and culture are in causal interdependence. Social networks are extended, distributed, and diverse with definite culturally oriented values. By posting and writing comments people collaboratively co-construct reality orienting each other in the e-environment.

‘Russian Facebook’ Announces Plans to Launch Dating App

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Mail order brides are something you hear about but rarely take seriously. Its a sleazy and sad yet comedic idea to find love over the internet and bring a foreigner who barely speaks the local tongue overseas in order to marry them. With the growing popularity of social media sites overseas, meeting a bride from Eastern Europe Russia and Ukraine has become much easier.

American men are now using VKontakte, the Russian equivalent of Facebook, to find woman from Ukraine and woo them into becoming their wives. I am sure some of the love is real, but it seems to me that the american men are just providing a means of escape for the woman and an opportunity to make it in the States. And, although it was written a little under a year ago, I have no doubt it does not still hold some truth.

In a way, Americans are using VKontakte like a dating website.

KPlus for VK (Vkontakte) – Message, Meet, Dating

Put very simply, VK is a much larger and more efficient version of Facebook. What VK seems to have managed to do, is capture an entire nation entirely — with almost exclusive Russian use and over million users this is very obvious. Two words: Search Function.

Live chat with your friends and make calls to your loved ones. On VK, you can find thematic communities, new friends, try dating online and much more. All your​.

VK Mini Apps is a platform of the built-in cross-platform Vkontakte applications. On the Mini Apps platform in social network VKontakte the application for authentication of goods ” Fair Sign ” appeared. With its help it is possible to check origin of footwear and its authenticity. In more detail here. On June 9, the company Mail. On a single platform for developers VKontakte there will be an opportunity to offer a skill which will become available to all users voice assistant — in application and century to the smart column Capsule.

On September 26, social network ” VKontakte ” announced start together with service for job search and employees Worki applications based on the Mini Apps VK platform which allows users to look for work, without leaving social network. It is possible to publish the summary in the supplement and to respond to the interesting vacancies which are picked up on the basis of the profile and interests. According to the developer submitted applications close integration between two companies is the cornerstone.

The Worki application creates a tape of available vacancies on the basis of information of a user profile in VKontakte and its geolocation. Besides, with the consent of the user the application avtozapolnit a name, a photo and phone from a profile, without forcing to enter information manually. Using machine learning when forming a tape response probability proceeding from more than parameters of assessment is considered.

Users can filter vacancies on distance to work location, to salary, a work type it is possible to select a shift method or a side job and other parameters and also to use full-text search. Through the application the applicant can respond to a vacancy then the employer will contact the candidate through an internal chat or by phone, the developer noted.


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ISP, Vkontakte Ltd Domain Name, Sending out dating / romance scams from IP () Spamme show.

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